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Wendy Jebb

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“I have worked with a few counsellors over numerous years and Wendy is the first counsellor who I have felt comfortable with and who has actually helped me overcome my extreme anxiety”


Counselling is available for the following:

Marriage and pre-marital counselling
Control Issues
Separation and divorce issues
Communication struggles
Couple concerns
Trust and Mistrust issues
Co-parenting support
Personality Conflicts
Infidelity and adultery
Illness & addictions in relationships
Love and Intimacy concerns

Wendy Jebb uses a combination of the therapeutic approaches described below and may, at your request include Gottman Couple Therapy, ColourSpectrums personality inventories or problem solving therapy. It is helpful for those choosing to engage in counselling to familiarize themselves with these therapeutic interventions and guide the Counsellor with any preferences that you may have.

For Couples the Gottman Method Couples Therapy combines 35 years of research on couples' relationships and 30 years of clinical practice. Through research based interventions and exercises, Certified Gottman Therapists help couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy in their relationships. This is a structured goal oriented, scientifically-based therapy. You should become more capable of increasing respect, affection, and closeness in your relationship. You will break through and resolve conflict and generate greater understanding between you and your partner. This therapy usually begins with two to three assessment sessions followed by subsequent intervention and therapy sessions.

Problem Solving Therapy looks at the family or couple unit and its social context. What is happening within the relationship? What is happening around the relationship? What influences the relationship? The emphasis in Problem Solving Therapy is on the social situation of the problem. The problem is seen as a result of the person(s) responses to their environment. The change will come from adjustments within the social interaction and/or the environment they are in. Everyone involved in the relationship will take a role in changing himself or herself in order to resolve the problem.

ColourSpectrums Personality Inventories is a personality styles and human dynamics model which can be presented to groups, families or couples. ColourSpectrums is based on Carl Jung’s personality theory of human development. Participants sort the ColourSpectrums cards to reveal unique personality strengths and challenges. This exciting process incorporates self-discovery and group interactions that celebrate existing natural strengths and emerging human potential. This positive educational atmosphere of fun and discovery includes learning for everyone. ColourSpectrums is effective in use with individuals, families and groups. It helps you to value diversity by appreciating everyone’s ColourSpectrums; other people’s priorities, delights and talents. ColourSpectrums increases team-effectiveness by creating an enchanting, user-friendly language that everyone can use. Diversity is appreciated, stress and conflict are reduced, communication improves and productivity soars

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