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Mediation services will reduce conflict while preserving the relationship of all those involved. It is a collaborative, not adversarial, process. Mediation is a problem-solving process in which two or more parties voluntarily work together to resolve their differences with the assistance of a trained mediator who is an impartial third party. The advantage of mediation is that it gives parties the power to settle their own dispute and with guidance, create solutions that will best meet their needs and all parties involved, it has also shown that it creates better future outcomes for everyone.

In divorce mediation the goal is to help you and your spouse or partner work through divorce-related issues and arrive at mutually agreeable conclusions. Through effective communication and problem-solving methods, I enable you to review your options together and generate creative solutions that work best for you and your children. Family conflicts can be emotional and upsetting, whether it's as simple as harmful patterns of communication or as complex as running a family business or property. Sometimes it takes an outside party to come in and help facilitate a resolution.

Role of the Mediator:
Provide a non-judgemental, supportive and safe environment to help parties clarify the issues and understand what is important to each and all. Mediators do not decide who is right and who is wrong, take sides, offer advice or impose solutions. Mediators will keep confidential all that is said during the mediation. With the mediator's guidance, the parties explore possible solutions and come to an agreement that is acceptable to them. Solutions are voluntary. Parties tend to follow the terms of the agreement because they have helped craft the solutions. In Family mediation I can provide information on child development that you can both use to help guide your solutions. Mediation is cost effective and quick. Mediations can normally be scheduled within a couple of weeks and generally take no more than a few couple hour sessions. Alternatives such as litigation or arbitration dramatically increase the cost of resolving the dispute as well as the time it takes to bring the parties together.

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